What Has Changed At Day One Pizza As A Result Of COVID-19?

  • We can only answer 1 phone line at a time. Our stores only have the capacity to accept one order at a time right now.  This may result in a busy signal during our busiest times.  Unfortunately, we cannot go any faster than that at this time due to social distancing and staffing restrictions.


  • The essential need for 6-Foot Social Distancing means we cannot have the same number of employees in the kitchen as we used to.  On a busy Friday night, we would try to have as many as 5 pizza makers before the pandemic.  It was common for staff to work shoulder to shoulder, making your orders.  Now, in order to maintain safe social distancing, we can only fit up to 3 employees in the production area.


  • We have fewer drivers.  Many of our delivery drivers are part-time employees who also have full-time jobs during the traditional work week.  Several of these professional adults have found it too difficult to juggle both jobs during this crisis.  Several employees are also isolated at, or working from home for personal or family high-risk reasons.  We look forward to their return in the future.


  • Every move we make is more complicated than it used to be.  Unlike grocery, you can't just come in and make your own pizza to help move your order along (although that would be awesome, wouldn't it?).  And unlike manufacturing facilities, every order we make is custom and different from the previous order.  We cannot pre-manufacture food in anticipation of upcoming demand. It is particularly challenging to streamline for speed in our kitchens while always remaining safe.




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