What Should I Do If The Phone Line Is Busy

(an open letter to our Great Customers)

As a result of the fundamental changes this pandemic has brought to all of our lives, we are simply not able to take, make, or deliver as many orders per hour as we used to.


What Has Changed?

Please click here to see a list of some of the things that have changed as a result of COVID-19.


What Can I Do To Help?


  • Please don't come in to order when the line is busy.  We are only taking new orders by phone at this time. This allows our staff to take your card number without having to make personal contact or physicall exchange payment in-person.


  • Please don't call the other store.  If your store's phone line is busy, please assume there is nothing wrong with their phone - they are just that busy.  There is no other way for the other store to reach them or take your order.


  • Check our website for updates about store hours, delivery restrictions, and any menu changes.
  • Try not to order at the peak pizza times - when able.  Try to order before 5:00 pm, after 7:00 pm, or on days other than Friday and Saturday - if and when you are able. We appreciate that this may be inconvenient, but we truly are focused on how to best serve you while trying to keep our community as safe as possible!


  • You can call earlier the same day for a carry-out or delivery later that evening.  This may help you more get through on the phone more easily. Many of our customers don't realize that you can pre-order for a set time later in the day. Please try to take advantage of this option, if you think it will help you get the service you were used to from our great staff.



When our phone line is busy, it means we are currently at capacity.  We cannot take orders faster than one line at a time and still remain safe in the close quarters of a commercial kitchen.  This is especially true given that we are now operating with 50-70% fewer employees available to schedule in the restaurant on some shifts each week.


We are exceedingly grateful to all of our customers who continue to support our business, staff, and community in so many ways.  Before all of this changed our lives, families came home after work on Friday and called Day One Pizza for dinner.  We loved that, just as you did.  And we're sure we'll see that again someday.  But the days when we could quickly produce as much as 50% of our whole week's sales in the hours between 5:00 and 7:00 on Friday and Saturday night, are gone - for now.


Day One Pizza has always been in the service business.  We are proud of our long legacy of outstanding employees and community awards such as Best Customer Service again this year in The Star Readers' Poll 2020.  We pride ourselves on working as hard as we can to make you the best food, as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The spread of COVID-19 hasn't changed our passion for great service, just the volume of orders we can safely handle in any given hour.  It has also changed the speed at which we can complete your order.


You tell us every day that our pizza brings a moment of much-needed normalcy to dinner tables in our community.  And we know that our Great Customers value our quality and service.


But you have also told us that you really appreciate our honesty, transparency, and unyielding commitment to safety.  This not only applies to you, our customer, but to the hard-working and dedicated staff who make our mission possible every day, many of whom are still in high school.  We have been so moved by the loyalty of our staff (and the parents of minors working at Day One Pizza).


Our employees have been essential in teaching us how to adapt safely to each new challenge.  Things continue to evolve and change. We find ourselves talking with our staff every day about what we need to do next to keep us all safe, healthy, and at work so that you can have our great pizza when you are hungry.


We appreciate your continued support and cooperation.  Please be as patient as you can, and most importantly - wash your hands, wear a face covering in any indoors public setting, and stay safe!



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