Day One Pizza Safe Practices for Public Health and Safety

Updated 3-27-20

Safe Delivery Practices and Options

Beginning Monday, March 23rd:

All orders placed for Delivery must be pre-paid over the phone (including driver tip).


What To Expect When You Call In Your Delivery Order

We will take your order over the phone as we typically do.  We will take your credit card number over the phone and then ask you how much you would like us to write on the delivery driver's tip line.  We will fill out the credit card slip for you - just as you indicate.  We will also ask you where you would like us to carefully place your food when we arrive at your house.


What To Expect When We Arrive At Your House

Your Day One Pizza delivery driver will arrive at your house with your food in a plug-in hotbag for the same awesome freshness you have come to expect from us.  We will then remove the food from the hotbag at the car instead of at your door.  This allows our hotbags to stay clean.


After placing your food where you have indicated when you ordered, we will knock or ring to notify you that your food has arrived.  Your driver will then wait at a safe distance to be sure you come out to secure your food.  These steps allow our drivers to maintain the 6-Foot Social Distancing now required by law.  If you have a Gift Certificate that you need to provide, please secure it where you will have us place the food and we'll pick it up.


We discourage additional tips in cash when possible, as our drivers have indicated that they feel more comfortable not handling money more than necessary.  They are in and out of their personal vehicles and our kitchen area all night and are trying to stay clean and safe.  If you are impressed with your driver's safety and professionalism and wish to offer an additional tip, please simply call the store and we can just add it to your card.


Some suggestions for where to have us place your food are listed below:

If you have a front porch, we can place the pizza on a chair or table on the front porch, or simply on the porch itself.


If there’s not enough room on your front porch to open the front door without hitting the pizza, you can place a small table or stool on the front walk.


If it is raining and your front porch is not large enough, perhaps you could place a small stool or table in the entrance of your open garage.


If you live in an apartment building, a small table or chair outside your door in the hall works great!  You could also lay a bag or towel on the carpet outside your door if you don't have a table and don't want your pizza box on the carpet.


Please note that we cannot take your order and payment in person at the front counter at this time due to legal restrictions and staff safety.


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