Contactless Delivery Is Always Available

Updated 3-1-22

What To Expect When You Call In Your Delivery Order

We will take your order over the phone as we typically do. We will ask you if you would like to pay with your card over the phone for a quick hand-off when we arrive at your door, or if you would like to pay cash when we arrive. We no longer accept checks.


If you prefer to pay by card, we will take your credit or debit card number over the phone and then ask you how much you would like us to write on the delivery driver's tip line. We will fill out the card slip for you - just as you indicate. Please always tip your driver. Great staff like ours is hard to find right now, and tips are an essential part of our delivery drivers' income.


What To Expect When We Arrive At Your House

Your Day One Pizza Delivery Driver will arrive at your house with your food in a plug-in hotbag for that awesome freshness you have come to expect from us.


Your driver will ring the doorbell or knock and wait at the door to hand your order to you directly, unless you have indicated that you prefer Contactless Delivery when you placed your order. If you order from an apartment building, we will buzz to enter and then knock at your apartment door. Please note that we are not allowed to enter your actual home.


Contactless Delivery Available

If you request Contactless Delivery, we will ask you on the the phone where you would like us to place your food when we arrive at your home. When your delivery driver arrives at your house, they will place the food where you indicated, then knock or ring, step back to a safe distance, and wait in front of your house to make sure you know we have arrived.


Thank you for your continued patience and understanding!



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