What To Expect When You Order For Carry-Out

Updated 7-1-20

All orders placed for Carry-Out must be prepaid over the phone.


What To Expect When You Call In Your Carry-Out Order

We will take your order over the phone as we typically do.  We will take your credit card number over the phone as well.  We will fill out the credit card slip for you - just as you indicate.  You may add a tip for our hard-working staff, if you wish.


What Should I Do If The Line Is Busy?

Please click here to see what you can do if our phone line is busy.


What To Expect When You Arrive At Day One Pizza

When you arrive at the restaurant, we will greet you from a safe Social Distance and ask for the last name for your order - just like we have always done.

If your food is not quite ready yet, we will give you our best estimate for when it will be ready and instructions on where you can safely wait for your order.

If your food is ready, we will simply place it on the front counter for you to come forward and take with you - after we have stepped back to a safe distance.


- We ask that you please maintain Safe Social Distancing while interacting with our staff and other guests.

- Our stores may have a sheltered table outside where we can place your food if we bring it to you outside.

- We are not able to actually hand the food to you in your car.

- Please Note: Each location may have its own requirements due to differing lobby and parking lot configurations.

- Thank you for wearing a face covering when you are inside the restaurant.


Please note that for the safety of our staff and community, Day One Pizza cannot take your order and payment in person at the front counter at this time.




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